I AM Collection

I AM Collection


The very first collection to be released by Love Cubs is the I AM collection.

This collection has 30 cards all with I AM statements for children, such as I AM Strong, I AM Safe, I AM Loved, I AM Grateful, I AM Smart, I AM Kind, I AM Important and many more.

With beautiful hand painted animals that are symbolic for the words stated after I AM. This collection empowers and states the true symbolic meaning of each animal. The cards make a great learning tool for colours and animal recognition too!

Printed in Brisbane, QLD, Australia on high-quality 400gsm stock with matte laminate, making them longer lasting for grubby fingers and rounded corners for safety.

Our decks are packaged in a stylish drawstring calico bag to help keep your cards safe and making it easy for you to take them with you.

$10 Flat Rate Shipping Within Australia

We dispatch within 1-3 business days from Broome WA

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Why are I AM statements so powerful?

Every thought we have creates our reality. Majority of the time our subconscious is running the show. How can we support our kids to have a subconscious that is more positive than negative?

A child’s brain is like a sponge, and their beliefs are closely linked to what they learn growing up. What if they were given the opportunity to build a subconscious record of how truly incredible they are? Instead of playing the ‘I am hopeless, useless and unworthy’ record, they could be playing the ‘I am amazing, loved and strong’ record. We always have the power to choose empowering and positive thoughts about ourselves.

I AM affirmations are an incredible tool to program our subconscious to accept better. What if we started using the power of ‘I AM’ affirmations to support us? Breaking any cycle of limited thinking and teaching our kids they are capable of doing anything!