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Wooden Affirmation Discs

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If you love to use affirmations with your littles, but our colourful I AM Collection isn't your vibe, then you will LOVE our Wooden Affirmation Discs!

A set of 20 wooden discs that are 6cm x 6cm round, each with their own I AM Statement, and a cute little symbol!

If you prefer, we also have an add on option to have them made as magnets instead.

Our Wooden Affirmations come packaged in a luxe black velvet bag. You can also select to include a labelled box, which makes it ideal for gifting. 

Consistently speaking ‘I AM’ will allow your subconscious to accept the statements as truth and affirmations are a powerful tool to use with your little ones to help boost their self- esteem, creative thinking, and confidence.


  • I AM ME
  • I AM Caring
  • I AM Helpful
  • I AM Fun
  • + more!

A few suggestions on how to use them:

  • Say the affirmations with your little ones and if they are able to, ask them to repeat the statement after you. If they are unable to repeat it, it is very important the ‘I’ isn’t replaced with ‘you’. The ‘I AM’ part of the statement truly is powerful.

  • Use the wooden affirmations as part of your morning routine. Sit with your child and ask them to choose a disc for the day. Have them display it where they can see it, repeat the statement and see if they can repeat the statement to themselves throughout the day.

  • Let your child lead a play experience using the wooden discs. It could prompt conversations around the affirmations & emotions.

  • Play games by matching the symbols!

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