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Small Quartz Geodes - Pair

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Moroccan Quartz Geodes are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one because you can k eep one and gift the other to a loved one, so that you may always be connected by the spirit of the stone.

The exterior is generally Limestone while the interior contains Quartz Crystals and/or Chalcedony deposits.

The energy of a cluster can enhance the energy other healing crystals and stones. They also calm and soothe the mind, helping to relieve stress and infusing you with positive energy.

  • Place this piece around the home or office to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful energy.
  • Druzy quartz geode clusters are especially good for energy work, crystal healing, and stabalizing the aura.
  • Quartz is known to be the Master stone because of many benefits one can get from this stone. It can amplify and transmit energies of other stones as well as your intentions.

    Size : approx. 7-11cm wide | Between .198g - .595g

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