Rough Rose Quartz Card Stand - Small

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Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love as it transforms relationships with yourself and others, creating love and harmony. It helps you to look as situations objectively without being emotionally overwhelmed. Rose Quartz harmonizes the brain, aligning and opening neutral pathways.

Use to display your favourite card from one of our collections. Absorb the energy from the crystal as well as using the power of the affirmations.

Our crystals are chosen intuitively & then the card slot is cut by me, Leisa. 

Crystal measures approximately 5cm wide x 2cm high.

Each crystal is unique, so the shape, size, and color clarity will vary. Due to the shallow nature of these rocks, heavy card stock works best.

Slot thickness is roughly 1mm and can accommodate paper or cardstock photos and cards. Due to the natural irregular stone shapes, some slots may be slightly slanted. 

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