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Children's I AM Affirmation Magnets

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If you're anything like me and get anxious about leaving affirmation cards out for your kids, these are just what you need!

Our affirmation magnets are derived from our original hand-painted I AM Collection that was intuitively designed specifically for children. The beautiful designs stimulate the mind while the positive affirmations such as I AM Loved, I AM Strong, I AM Safe, I Am Kind, I am Grateful; empower the child and promote self-love.

Say the affirmations with your kids, and if they're old enough, have them repeat them back to you. It is critical that the 'I' not be changed with 'you' if they are unable to repeat it. The part of the statement that says "I AM" is extremely powerful.

Not only will the affirmations help your children, but the magnets are also a terrific learning resource for colour and animal recognition!

Recommended for ages 1 and upwards.

Includes 30 magnets and come packaged in a small cardboard box.

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