Hello, I’m Leisa, and this is my husband, Luke, and our two daughters, Keira and Ava. We live in Broome, Western Australia, and when we find the time, we love loading up the caravan and spending a night or two with our closest friends exploring the Kimberley coast! I'm an earring fanatic and a crystal lover (a trait I appear to have passed down to my children!). Being creative fills my cup, and I enjoy sewing and learning polymer clay crafts.

You may have already seen some of my "why" if you came here through our homepage. After going through certain life hardships, I didn't like my outlook and mindset on life, friendships, and relationships; and I wanted to change that. I want to use affirmations, as well as some other tips & tricks, to guide women to develop a growth mindset and I want to empower women to find themselves and their true calling.

I have an Early Childhood Education Diploma and worked in the industry for eight years. I want to encourage children to become courageous and confident. I believe that instilling positive attitudes and beliefs in children and guiding them in developing self-esteem at a young age is beneficial!

Thank you for supporting Love Cubs, we are so abundantly grateful!

Leisa xx