Underestimating Our Kids

Underestimating your kids - Love Cubs

I have a classic example of just this - underestimating our kids. I do it more often than I would like to admit. 

Our son Lauchy will be 4 in December this year and a couple months back his bike finally past on - sad face... after numerous, well continuous flat tyres, this older brother William riding it and breaking his training wheels because he was way too big for it and it was totally abandoned outside regular, so surprising hey. It had a good innings but it was time to admit we got our $50 worth and just needed to suck it up, and getting a new bike.

Oh and we needed this bike asap apparently, big bro was riding to school and Lauchy just knew the pram was not cool as a form of transport any longer!

So straight after school, Kmart here we come (any excuse! Love kmart). Long story short... I thought I was getting a small kids bike 3+ year size, like the entry size. I'd popped it into the trolley without hesitation. 

After dinner, I thought I really don't wanna make this bloody bike. But Lauchy was more than stoked with the new bike still in the box and the thought of riding it tomorrow. So I pulled up my big girl pants and went to it, realising it was now 8pm and the boys so wanted to help, how fun - torture!! It was way past their bedtime and I was about out of battery myself. You can imagine how much of a total breeze this was going to be hey!

So we started opening the box or stabbing it if you were Lauchy. Scissor safety so on point! As I'm opening the box with such great (torture) helpers, I'm thinking, whaaaaat, shit!, oh really... shit! Far out this is just working out so perfect right now. F-ing PERFECT!

It was the next size up, a 4+ bike! So dramatic right. But at that time of night and me being so certain it was way WAY too big for Lauchy. He's my baby and this bike is just too big. Right?

Well earlier in the shop he had been riding this 4+ size around saying he wanted it, but possibly on a subconscious level (ha! so my excuse anyway) I didn't want to face him growing up and the fact he was so friggin ready for this bike.

Funny how I ended up accidentally getting the bigger size. And let me tell you now I'm so glad I did, it is beyond perfect, he rides it with easy and we are soooooooo gonna get our 69 bucks worth!!

Just in case your wondering I survived putting the bike together (later realised I totally did the front breaks wrong, luck he had back breaks....parent of THE year). I remember it being a long night and one I hope not to ever repeat.

But at the core of my little story is how we can hold our kids back, not have the confidence in them and completely underestimate them. 

Now we absolutely do not do this intentionally. Sometimes we do it because we worry about their safety or them getting hurt, sometimes we do it because its friggin crazy and emotional watching just how fast it all goes, the stages fly by. And we totally subconsciously (wink!) are wanting to cling on to our babies and not let it happen too fast.

Have you got a similar story, can you relate?? We would love to hear all about it, please share in the comments below. I think this is a great conversation to open up and just in my recent experience, it has helped me realise how amazing my kids are and let them have a little more rope more often because they are incredibly capable of so much, more than we think sometimes. xx

Kristy Jamieson