Sick Kids = Blessing. WHAT?


After a week with sick kids and being stuck inside and actually having no plans and no where to be it really hit me.

Cabin fever will really get your brain thinking and make you present. Holy shit!! My baby girl is 1 next month!

If I'm honest the realisation of that made me a bit sad. With my first daughter everything was so exciting, we were so excited for all of her milestones, taking 1 billion photos a day, her baby book has a photo of her at 1 month, 2 months, right up to 12 months on the day.

Our second baby has hit her milestones even earlier than our eldest but I realised we are kind of taking them for granted. Well, I don't know if that's the right way to put it but you know what I mean. Her baby book has photos up to 3 months and about 2 months ago I wrote the details from 3-9 months in one hit.

I feel like she has gone from a newborn to this toddler overnight and I haven't been present and taken these moments in like I did with my first. I know it's different when you have more then one child and your time is limited, especially with such a small age gap but I can't help but to feel this sense of guilt.

After a shit week I am definitely taking away a positive. Life probably would have kept going and the chaos with an almost 1 year old and cheeky, challenging toddler would have continued to fill my days but I'm thankful for the week that was and the way our family bonded and for allowing me to realise I need to be more present and soak up this time with my second born.

So thank you to my friend Jamie for visiting and for your son Brooklyn for sharing his germs. It was a blessing ❤️

Have you been able to find the silver lining as they say? We would absolutely love to here all about it in the comments below! xx