Empowering Your Little One with Words

Love Cubs Kids Empowerment

Parenthood is such a ride, wild at times and amazingly heart expanding in others. Life is busier than ever with little feet running about, it’s easy to forget to stop and really be present with our little ones and to find time to really check in with them and let them know how truly incredible they are.

Building a solid foundation for our children to truly believe in themselves and know they can do anything is one of the biggest gifts we can give. Our support and encouragement is so powerful.

One way to empower your little one is with words. In particular ‘I AM’ two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality.

Imagine if you were supported daily in knowing how truly incredible you are, how loved, safe, strong, unique and how amazing you are. This is exactly what excited the socks off us!

Here’s our top ten I AM statements to say with your kids daily:

1.         I AM Strong

2.         I AM Safe

3.         I AM Loved

4.         I AM Grateful

5.         I AM Smart

6.         I AM Kind

7.         I AM Important

8.         I AM Perfect

9.         I AM Friendly

10.      I AM Amazing

Give this a try and let us know how you go! We noticed just how much our kids would light up, their smiles and now we are catching the kids saying it to each other - so powerful!! This is foundation laying for confidence, strength, resilience and love.

We like to think of it as creating a great lifetime soundtrack that completely empowers your little one, that can hold its own when the 'I can't', 'Who am I to...', I'm not good enough' we could go on right?! come flooding in.

We also believe this amazing gift we are giving to our little ones is also being give to ourselves, it is such a 2 way street - always!! Happy statement making!! xx