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Love Cubs began with the I AM and Inspire Collections; hand-painted, intuitively created Affirmation Cards, and we have continued to add Nurturing & Empowering Affirmations to encourage the reader to go within and to affirm those positive beliefs. I aim to help women and teenagers find their version of self-care & to learn how to protect their energy. I aspire to encourage households to have honest conversations about emotions and mental health, and wish for everyone to love and embrace their individuality.

To compliment our Affirmation Cards, we were also guided to introduce hand-selected crystals with the most divine energy, which aligns with our passion and purpose.

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Why Should You Use Affirmations?

Every thought we have creates our reality.

Majority of the time our subconscious is running the show. How can we support our kids to have a subconscious that is more positive than negative?
A child's brain is like a sponge, and their beliefs are closely linked to what they learn growing up.

What if they were given the opportunity to build a subconscious record of how truly incredible they are? Instead of playing the 'I am hopeless, useless and unworthy' record, they could be playing the 'I am amazing, loved and strong' record.

We always have the power to choose empowering and positive thoughts about ourselves. I AM affirmations are an incredible tool to program our subconscious to accept better.

What If we started using the power of 'I AM' affirmations to support us? Breaking any cycle of limited thinking and teaching our kids they are capable of doing anything!

Hi, I'm Leisa!

I'm a wife, and mum to two, living in Broome WA. I love inspiring children, teens, women & families to feel empowered, confident and encouraging them to overcome any limiting thoughts they may have.

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