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The Embrace Your Body Collection

Introducing our newest product in the Love Cubs family, designed in collaboration with Brittnee from @bish.collective.

We hope to empower women to take back their power. To love and embrace what makes them who they are. To recognise that weight and size do not define you or your worth.

I am so heavily & personally invested in this beautiful collection as my own teenage daughter struggles with body image issues on a daily basis.

I hope that you love them as much as we do! I would love to hear your thoughts.


Our top picks just for you!

Children's Affirmation Cards | Broome


The I AM collection consists of 30 beautifully designed cards, with hand painted animals that are symbolic for the words stated after I AM. The beautiful designs stimulate the mind while the positive affirmations empower the child and promote self-love.

Mindfulness | Gratitude | Conversation Starters | Family Games | Broome


The Mindful Collection consists of 40 different cards and includes a wooden stand to hold the whole set. The questions encourage self reflection & awareness and can also be used as prompts during meditation or journaling.

Inspire | Affirmation Cards | Broome | Affirmation Cards For Teenagers & Women


This collection consists of 20 beautifully designed double sided cards. One side providing an inspiring quote, whilst the other side a powerful I AM statement. Our Inspire Collection doesn’t just aim to inspire you but also to empower you daily.


Don't just take my word for it, hear it from our customers!

We have always tried to surround ourselves with positive people and items but when our little girl was born we knew we had to do better. These AMAZING cards have been a great way to bring positivity and affirmation to each and everyday. We believe that starting young with morning/evening affirmations will lead to a young woman who loves herself and is kind to others.


What started as needing a little boost in our mornings has turned into an obsession! My mum, sister and I purchased Love cubs affirmation cards last year, and have since been building our collection of this incredible brand. Each morning we take it in turns to change our daily affirmations to what suits most to uplift us throughout the day. Our latest addition is our mindful collection, which we are able to sit down together each week with and participate in as a family. I would recommend love cubs to anyone, as its audience has no limits, and its messages are timeless. Cannot wait for more!


Leisa these are absolutely beautiful! I can't even begin to express how they have made my day and possibly changed my life! The fridge magents are my favourite because their toddler friendly! My fridge never has anything on it because of little hands but these are so good! I can't wait to teach Carson about affirmations!


Am absolutely in love with these cards. They are amazing. I can wait to empower my kids with these. Such a brilliant idea and so well done. Thank you ladies.


I purchased the kids affirmation cards for my son and he absolutely loves picking one out every morning and reading it to me, I love the artwork but more importantly I love the positive message each card has!


Fantastic customer service and a great product! Thanks so much!

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